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Thank You to everyone for making this seminar a success!
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The Nue Fusion 600 Microcurrent machine will be the focus of this Esthetic Training Webinar

The Body~Electric Webinar
with Nue Fusion 600 MicroCurrent Equipment

Speaker: Education Director

When: DECEMBER 3, 2012
Time: 12PM - 4PM EST
Location: Online
Cost: $95.00

(All Webinars have a $35.00 Non-Refundable Deposit)
*Pre-registration required as seating is limited.

Skin for Life wants you to have the opportunity to ask your questions and interact with your webinar esthetic community. Share your ideas on a national level with your fellow esthetic professionals.

Enjoy reviewing your techniques with our in-house Esthetician; as she demonstrates proper pad placement, reviewing anatomy, and exercise movements for treatment success.

Create the environment within your spa as a wellness facility encouraging everyone to reach their body goals for new year. Offer your clientele more and do not miss this opportunity to invest in your success!

Skin for Life's Micro Current Webinar Fee is $95.00 as a Holiday Present to You! We want to be your business partner by giving you vital information so you may take advanced knowledge with you where ever you go…

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